Happy Summer! Our coffee shop in Elma is open Tuesday- Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 7pm

About Us


Hello, my name is Andrew Goossen. I am a coffee lover and the proud owner of Trail’s End Coffee. This is my story.

I’m originally from Missouri and grew up on a farm there. As a kid I remember going for coffee at my Grandma’s house. We would often drink out of this little white plastic cup which she got while traveling on an airplane. I have fond memories of  ‘coffee time’ with her and it’s these special moments that inspired me to start my own coffee company later in my life…

Pictured here is the little cup we used .                                   

The farm was located at the back of our property – at the end of the trail. The soil was often dry and when it rained, it would always get washed away creating what we called “gully washers”.  Over time the farm was lovingly nicknamed “Trail’s End Washout” by family members. It is when I moved to Canada and started my business that I decided to use “Trail’s End Coffee” for my company name.

As it turns out Trail’s End Coffee also reflects the landscape where I currently live in Elma, Manitoba. Our house is at the end of the highway at the edge of the wilderness – where prairie meets boreal forest!

More About Trail’s End Coffee

I have always been a coffee lover but my real coffee experience did not begin until I started roasting green coffee beans in my own kitchen. My stove top, Whirley Pop, popcorn popper became my first roaster! I even went as far as drilling a hole in the lid to insert a thermometer so I could measure the temperature of the beans. I would not recommend you try this at home unless you have a good kitchen exhaust fan.

This is a picture of the Whirley Pop.                                 


After some online study and trial and error I continued to perfect my roast. I handed out the samples to my friends and eventually started selling coffee.

In 2012, after I moved to Elma, I pulled out my Whirley Pop Popper and began experimenting. I started Trail’s End Coffee in 2013 with the purchase of my first commercial roaster and have since upgraded to a more modern model.

I love roasting coffee and continue to expand my knowledge and develop my skill as a roaster. With the support of my family, friends and local community in Elma, I have been able to realize my goals.

Thank you all and I look forward to continuing to serve you, fresh artisan roasted coffee, from around the world! 

Andrew Goossen

First Commercial Roaster, Below                


  Current Roaster, Below