Mountain Water Process

Mountain Water Process decaffeination is a unique chemical free, natural process that uses clear and pure glacier water. It is widely regarded as being the highest quality and best tasting decaf available.

In the decaffeination process, the green coffee beans are immersed in hot water in order to extract the caffeine. The left over water then contains not only the caffeine but also the soluble components of the coffee which hold the flavor elements of the coffee.

To separate the caffeine in the water from the soluble components, the water passes through a special filter which removes the caffeine. This results in “coffee soluble charged water” The coffee beans are then put back into this caffeine free water so all the good flavors can then be reabsorbed.

As a result of this process the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free and full of the great flavors they started with for a great tasting decaf coffee.